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Billboard Campaigns

For the past year, CCHA has been running billboard campaigns throughout Charleston - effectively reaching thousands of visitors and residents each day.



June 6, 2018

Dear Advocates,

Isn’t it always the truth that the Bully in the room is the first to cry victim?

Last week I received a message from a Post and Courier reporter asking me to comment on a lawsuit he had just received from the Charleston Carriage Industry charging Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates and me with Libel, Defamation and Conspiracy!

The Industry seized on their Public Relations ploy to contact every news outlet in Charleston. The media fell for it. The Industry claims are baseless; an attempt to shift the focus away from the real issues of humane treatment of these animals.

Carriage Animals are forced to pull the HEAVIEST Loads in the United States (17 Adults) in the Most EXTREME, searing temperatures in the United States. Congestion is becoming untenable. Charlestonians are forced to endure traffic snarls often involving creeping wagons. 25 Industry Incidents have occurred since 2016!

We are being smeared daily with unthinkable vitriol by Carriage Industry social media posts. At no time will these tactics distract us from our continued advocacy for these animals and our community in Charleston that we represent that cares for them.

We need to fight back NOW. And we need to fight back vigorously.

For animals, for neighbors and for businesses in Charleston.

We need YOU!  We are a local organization and we can’t do this without you.

We need your financial support. Help us hire legal expertise to defend our work and push back against the Carriage Industry’s daily smears, lies and ruthless attacks.

Please make as generous a donation as you are able by clicking here or by sending a check made out to CCHA PO Box 22827 Charleston, SC 29413. ALL donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your generous contribution and for supporting Charleston residents’ quality of life and refusing to accept cruelty in plain sight.

Ellen Harley

Board member, Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates


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We need your help.

We hope to continue to use social media, static billboards, digital ads and print ads to get our message out.


2017 Expenses

Together, we can effect change in the inhumane working and living conditions of carriage horses.


In our first year, CCHA brought worldwide attention to the plight of these animals through our social media posts. In April 2017, Big John collapsed on Meeting Street. Firemen and carriage company employees had to help Big John get up. A bystander’s video was posted to the CCHA Facebook page. Over 13 Million people viewed his struggles on this video. Eleven national media outlets picked up the story, including USA Today. Our Facebook Friends jumped to 14,000.

After two runaway carriage horse incidents, CCHA sponsored a billboard on I-26 depicting a runaway carriage and the tag line, “Better Safe than Sorry”. It has proven to be a powerful image. We have aired hundreds of thousands of Digital Ads, 300,000 of which ran over the holiday week, citing facts about the current Ordinance and asking potential passengers to consider before they purchase a ticket.




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