Charleston Carriage Horse Reading Room:

Alternatives to Touring in Horse Drawn Carriages

*** “Meet the Cruelty Free Electric Horseless E-Carriage” 

Anhidrosis (Anhydrosis) in Horses

***University of Florida: “Help, My Horse Doesn’t Sweat”

***Equine Anhidrosis 

Animal Welfare  

***Definition of Animal Welfare by American Veterinary Medical Association  welfare.aspx

 Basic Care of Horses

***Agriculture Victoria Basic Horse Care Fact Sheet

***Equinews Nutrition and Health Daily: “Nutritional Management of Draft Horses”

***USDA Co-operative Extension: “Transport and Care of Horses”

Blinders on Horses

***Coachman’s Delight: “Blinders or Not” 

Cities with Horse Drawn Carriage Bans

***Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

***The Globe and Mail: Canada:  “Montreal Moves to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages”

***Horses Without Carriages International

Cities with Horse Drawn Carriages

***Animal Welfare Institute 

City of Charleston Municode (See Chapter 29 for Carriage Tours)


Colic in Horses

***University of Minnesota Extension : “Colic in Your Horse”

 ***American College of Veterinary Surgeons: “Colic in Horses”

***Race Horse “Colic from Dehydration”

Coggins Testing and Equine Infectious Anemia

***American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP): “Coggins Test”

***AAEP: “Equine Infectious Anemia--The Only Prevention is Protection” 

Dehydration in Horses

***Horse and Hound: “Understanding the Effects of Dehydration” 

***Equine Health Labs: “Insights on Dehydration & Blood Plasma”

***Southern States: “5 Tips for Hydration and Water Management”

Heat Index Chart for Horses

***US Polo Association, July 24, 2018: ‘Heat Index Warning for Horses”

***Horse Forum: “Summer Riding Reminder”

***Equus Athletics: “The Horse Heat Index”

***Triple Crown: “Thermoregulation in Horses”

Heat Stress in Horses

***University of Guelph: “When the Rider is Hot, the Horse is Hotter”


***Equus Athletics: “Signs of Heat Stress” 

***Michigan State University Extension: “Heat Stress in Horses”

***University of Minnesota Extension: “Caring for Horses in Hot Weather”

***Equinews: “Older Horses and Heat Stress”

Heat Measurement Instruments

***Kestrel Instruments: ”Using Kestrel DROP to Measure Heat Index for Horses”

***UConn Korey Stringer Institute: “Wet Globe Bulb Temparature Monitoring”      tracker/

Henneke Body Condition Scoring System 

***University of Florida Extension: “Equine Body Condition Scoring”

***Purdue Extension: “Introduction to Body Condition Scoring Horses”

Housing for Horses

***UMass Amherst Extension: “Housing for Horses”

***Equine Facilities Design: “How Big Should a Horse Stall Be?”

Internal Body Temperature and Vital Signs for Horses

***American Association of Equine Practitioners: ”How do I take my Horse’s Temperature?”

***USDA Co-Operative Extension: “Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration in Horses”

***The “Normal Horse Temperature, Heart rate, and Breathing Rates”

Sleep Deprivation in Horses

***PetMD: “Let Sleeping Horses Lie (Down)”   belief-horses-do-not-sleep-standing-321

***The Horse: “Six Types of Sleep Deprivation in Horses” 

Tack for Carriage Horses

***Equine Heritage Museum: ”A Glossary of Harness Parts and Related Terms”

Travel Companies/Sites with Stated Corporate Position on Animal Welfare

***BBC: “Thomas Cook Axes Sea World Over Animal Welfare Concerns”

***Trip Advisor: “Improving Animal Welfare in Tourism”

***World Animal Protection:  The Travel Corporation Partners with us”

Veterinary Care of Carriage Horses and Horse Health Issues

***Equine Center: “Veterinary Care of Carriage Animals”  horses?id=&sk=&date=&%0A%09%09%09&pageID=2

***Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association: ”The Urban Carriage Horse Ride”

***American Veterinary Medical Association: “Urban Work Horse”            


2017 Charleston Carriage Consultation Report & Study Recommendations

In July 2017,  Jennie L. Ivey, PhD, PAS (University of Tennessee, Assistant Professor; Extension Equine Specialist) conducted a consultation visit with members of the Charleston Animal Society, Charleston Tourism Commission, and Charleston Carriage Operators. The purpose of the visit was to create a face-to-face relationship with the aforementioned parties, along with planning and variable parameter consideration for research study planning.

Additional Resources

To learn more about other organizations fighting for animal welfare, click the links below.